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The autumn INTERNATIONAL BUDWEIS REGATTA took place on 7th September 2014 between the Croatian towns Sukošan and Šibenik.
Seven crews and several supporting ships were introduced during the official opening of regatta.
All crews were very well and carefully prepared for the race and their team performance was as original as it could be.
1st place for the most original performance won the women's crew MUSES OF THE WIND on the yacht Moran.
Sailor girls were very beautiful and spectacular.
The audience attention gained the crew of Sijanie of the yacht PERUN under the captain Stanislav Kotik.
It is also worth mentioning the crew ŠANTRALA of the yacht SAINT TROPEZ, under the leadership of Aleksandr Sterin, who managed in a very short time to prepare original and entertaining show.
In a very good form were crews of the yacht BUGA led by Roman Burdina and of the yacht SVAROG led by Alexei Julinskoho. In addition to their good form, they also presented their collective song.
All crews, as well as all the participants and support teams, were given valuable gifts from our sponsors and partners of regatta.
Each team was presented with a keg of fine Czech beer Budweiser from the company Atlantis Yacht Charter.
The company's equipment to all participants was prepared by the sponsor of the regatta, the company IECON, which is a developer and manufacturer of intellectual systems, director Sergei Tsvetkov.
The awards for the best performance of a team and also valuable gifts for each of participated crew were prepared by the partner of regatta the company Fruko-Schulz, a major Czech producer of spirits, liqueurs and leading manufacturer of Absinth.
Coffee for contestants was prepared by company ELLIE MIO.
The whole competition was launched on Monday. Right from the first day of the race the contestants threw themselves enthusiastically into uncompromising competition. The results of each race were proclaimed to captains every morning at briefings, where the winners were also awarded with gifts from the regatta partner Fruko-Schulz. Despite of the tough and unbeatable fight that was demonstrated during the race, the evenings were held in a warm and friendly atmosphere. Captains of the crews had the opportunity to participate in a beer competition. Into the final round got: Vladimir Kučaev, Irina Šakirova and Maksim Evdakimov. But, as it is known, the winner can be only one, and the competition won Maksim Evdokimov.
On Wednesday night on the island Žuť took place a ceremony dedicated to captains newcomers who had completed captain course within the regatta race. It was a very interesting presentation that was attended by everyone. We have to also mention Vladimir Potapenko for his spectacular role of Neptune, the women´s crew of the yacht MORANA, who played the role of mermaids and the crew of layers Julova and Co for their original role of pirates.
On autumn regatta we had a lot to celebrate. To celebrate birthdays is always a nice thing to do, but on the regatta it is double pleasure. Not only their friends congratulated to Vladislava Ivanova, Aleksandra Tatarinceva, Alekxej Julinskoho Michael Raffa and Ekaterine Krasna, but also the organizers and all participants of the regatta.
The entire regatta was held in the spirit of celebrations and friendly atmosphere. We experienced all - rain, sun, wind and no wind, racing, shooting, friendly talks, dancing and much, much more!! The friendly atmosphere prevailed throughout the whole race and never was anybody bored once. This atmosphere could not be described, it can only be experienced. The regatta race left no one impassive, and therefore, we hope that we will meet all participants and other newbies in the future. Already, we are preparing the Autumn Budweis Regatta that will take place from 2 to 9 September 2015.
Regatta was attended by many newcomers who managed to withstand the onslaught and showed resilience and no one got lost.
Places in autumn Budweis reagatta 2014 as follows:
1st place – the yach STRIBOG, captain Vjačislav Tichonov
2nd place – the yacht SAINT TROPEZ, captain Aleksandr Sterin
3rd place – the yacht PERUN, captain Stanislav Kotikov
4th place – the yacht VESNA, captain Sergej Tsvetkov
5th place – the yach Morana, captain Vladimir Kučaev
6th place – the yacht BUGA, captain Roman Burdin
7th place – the yacht SVAROR, captain Aleksej Julinskij
The winners of the regatta received diplomas, medals, cups and gifts from the regatta partners: Kuboušek Water Sports (KWS), VODKA, Tsarskaya Zolotaja. All participants of the regatta received medals, diplomas and gifts from the partner of regatta Vodka Tsarskaya Zolotaja.
According to the statistics made by the organizers of Budweis regatta, it was drunk about 315 litres of beer.
We hope that during the next autumn Budweis regatta, from 2 to 9 September 2015, even much more beer will be drunk.
We thank all the sponsors and partners of the regatta, who supported and helped us with the realization of this great race. Especially, we thank to: Atlantis Yacht Charter, company AUTOPLAST, general sponsor IECON that is the developer and manufacturer of intellectual systems; partner of the regatta company Fruko-Schulz, a major Czech producer of spirits, liqueurs and a leading manufacturer in the production of Absinthe.
Coffee for contestants was prepared by Ellie MIO, company Kuboušek Water Sport (KWS).
We are very grateful to Zarina Arčukova and Dmitrim Belik for the video report of the regatta.
We thank all participants and guests of the autumn Budweis regatta. We thank you that you come, for your active participation in the race and for the prepared cultural programme and friendly atmosphere.
We hope that you enjoyed the regatta, had the time to rest and gained a lot of strength for a long time. We are also hoping that you had wonderful experiences and enjoyed the beauty of the islands in Croatia. Bookings for spring regatta Budweis from 2 to 9 September 2015 are already available.


Rem Bod1 Rem Bod2 Rem Bod3 Rem Bod4
1 STRIBOG 2 Viacheslav Tikhonov B40C    3   1   2   2 8 5
2 SAINT TROPEZ 62 Alexander Sterin B42M   5 dnf 8   1   1 15 7
3 PERUN 4 Stanislav Kotikov B40C   1   2   6   4 13 7
4 VESNA 1 Sergey Tsvetkov B40C   2   4   4   5 15 10
5 MORANA 5 Volodymyr Kuchayev B40C   4   3   3   7 17 10
6 BUGA 6 Roman Burdin B40C dnf 8   5   5   3 21 13
7 SVAROG 3 Alexey Yulinskiy B40C   6   6   7   6 25 18