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The first spring regatta under the name INTERNATIONAL BUDWEIS REGATTA ended. It took place during the days from 26th April to 3rd May on the Croatian coast between the towns Sukošan and Murter and was attended by 18 crews, approximately 150 sailors from Russia, Ukraine, Latvia, Moldova and Germany.
The official launch of the regatta took place on Sunday. All the yachts, accompanied by fanfare, sailed out to the sea together and hoisted their flags. However, the Sunday programme didn´t end just like that. In the evening hours, the official opening of the regatta was held and all the crews were introduced in Bibeno Bar, next to the Marina of Dalmatia.
Each crew had received valuable gifts. All the company's equipment was provided by IECON, sponsor of the regatta.
Gifts for the best crew performances prepared the partner of regatta, the company Fruco-Schulz, which it a major Czech producer of alcoholic drinks, liquors, and a leading manufacturer in the production of Absinthe, wodka "Carskaja Zolotaja" and the beer "Pražskij Most.
In the first place, it was necessary to choose the winning crew for the best performance. The jury had a difficult task in front of them, because all the crews were very well prepared for the competition and manifested their originality.
The first place was taken by the crew of the yacht VELES under the leadership of Badri Gvenemadze. The second place then won the crew from the yacht NIA-NYA led by Andrej Pustinikov. Finally, the third place was occupied by the STAR PHILIP yacht crew under the captain Andrej Čukarev.
Also the women´s crew of the yacht ANDANTE from Tornado team was awarded
The beginning of the races took place on Monday. Right at the beginning of races the crew of Michal Gobelkov with the yacht MORANA drew the leadership. All results of each race were announced every evening. Races were held every day. In spite of all negatives we faced, as bad weather, there was nothing what could destroy a good and friendly atmosphere full of fun and joy. Regatta took place in a spirit of cheerfulness and camaraderie conversation. The race participants competed on the sea during the day and in the evenings acquainted with each other. They were expressing their experiences and valuable advice, sang songs that were accompanied by guitar or simply they rested and relaxed.
In the town of Murter culinary competition took place. Each of the crew was asked to prepare one meal on the board of their yacht, while sailing along the Adriatic Sea. It is important to mention that the crew of the yacht, PERUN, led by Miroslav Narusevič had prepared very tasty risotto. The crew of the yacht STAR PHILIP served a delicious octopus. Some of the crews cooked soup Okroshka, which is a Russian cold soup based on the kvass. Even one crew surprised the jury by baking a cake. Culinary imagination of our sailors simply has no limits and all food was very tasty.
Gifts for the winners, as well as for all attending crews, were prepared by the partners of regatta, the company Fruko-Schulz.
The winners of the culinary competition became the yacht NIA-NYA under the guidance of Andrei Pustinikov. The second place was taken by the crew of the yacht ŽIVA led by Vladimir Kučaev and the third place by the crew of the yacht ALLEGRO under the captain Mixail Česnokov.
The regatta held also many birthday celebrations: Fennadij Šapin (yacht ŽIVA), Igor Bezorov (yacht VESNA), Olga Alekseeva (yacht ALLEGRO) and Andrej Musalev (yacht ŽIVA).
Without a doubt, the most musically gifted crew had on its board the yacht STAR PHILIP led by Andrei Kučaev.
And the most attractive crew of this regatta was the female team from the club TORNADO on the yacht ANDANTE.
The youngest yachtsmen of the regatta race were: Ilya Eroškin, Fjoder Tsvetkov and Georgy Ivanov.
The most passionate dancer of regatta was Badri Gvenemadze
The less-tired dancer was Aleksandr Evdokimov.
In our memory came the crew of ODUVANY led by Vjačeslav Tixonov.
Vladimir Kučaev with his crew BARBA ROSSA played their roles perfectly. Even the whole crew coloured their hair in red.
During these days many contests and interesting events took place. The contestants performed in various competitions and auditions. Someone showed ones talents in racing, someone in music and someone in their culinary skills.
As it is known, only one can win and it is the strongest.
According to the results of the regatta the points were divided as follows:
1. place – the yacht Bavaria 40 Cruiser "MORAN" N ° 11 - Captain Mikhail Gobelkov.
2. place - the yacht Bavaria 40 Cruiser "AIDA" N ° 13 - Captain Oleg Kajušin
3. place – the yacht Bavaria 40 Cruiser instead "Arietta" N ° 15 - Captain Bjačeslav Tixonov.
The captain-winners received many gifts: for example nautical telescope BRESSER. The captain winning the first place of regatta received a UKV radio ICOM from the sponsor company IECON.
We thank all our sponsors and partners of the regatta, who had believed in us and fully supported us. We are very thankful for their help during the realization of the race and support of this beautiful sport. Notably we thank to: Atlantis Yacht, AUTOPLAST, general sponsor regatta – IECON. Additionaly, our thanks belong to companies Fruko Schulz, Madeta, Koh-i-noor Hardtmuth, regattas club NEMO from Moscow led by Andrej Čukarev and Tatjana Grebenkinoj.
Furthermore, we also would like to thank all participants of the spring INTERNATIONAL REGATTA in BUDWEIS for their active participation in the regatta. Many thanks for creating the friendly atmosphere. We hope to see you at the next regatta that falls on the days from 20th to 27th September. Hoping, you had enjoyed the race and that you gained countless experiences.


                                             According to the results of the regatta the points were divided as follows:

    Class:  Bavaria 40 Сruiser







    1 RACE

    2 RACE

    3 RACE

    4 RACE

    5 RACE


Rem Bod.1 Rem Bod.2 Rem Bod.3 Rem Bod.4 Rem Bod.5
1 Morana 11 Mikhail Gobelkov B40   1   1   3   1   1 7 4
2 Aida 13 Oleg Kayushin B40   2   2   1   2   2 9 7
3 Arietta 15 Viacheslav Tikhonov B40   3   3   4   3   4 17 13
4 Živa 6 Volodymyr Kuchayev B40   4   5   10   5   5 29 19
5 Stribog 2 Nikita Efimov B40   7   8   2   4   10 31 21
6 Vida 5 Oleksandr Zaytsev B40   9   4   9   6   3 31 22
7 Perun 8 Myroslav Narusevych B40   6   7   6   8   8 35 27
8 Buga 10 Sergey Andreev B40   8   6   5   10 dnf 19 48 29
9 Prima 14 Michail Korchagin B40   5 dnf 19   8   7   12 51 32
10 Slava 9 Sergey Tsvetkov B40   12 dnf 19   11   9   7 58 39
11 Svarog 18 Vladimir Sedochenko B40   15 dnf 19   7   11   11 63 44
12 Veles 7 Badri Gvenetadze B40   13 dnf 19   12   13   9 66 47
13 Vesna 3 Kostiantyn Iedigariev B40   11 dnf 19 dnf 18   18   6 72 53
14 Star Philip 17 Andrey Chukarev B40   10 dnf 19   16   14   13 72 53
15 Vuga 1 Dmitry Tolstenev B40   14 dnf 19   14   12   15 74 55
16 Andante 12 Eduard Iurchenko B40   16 dnf 19   13   17   14 79 60
17 Allegro 16 Mikhail Chesnokov B40   17 dnf 19   17   15   16 84 65
18 Nia-Nya 4 Andrey Pustynnikov B40 DNS 19 DNS 19   15   16 dnf 19 84 69